dimarts, 16 d’agost de 2011

Jingle Mail

Finally, I have decided to embark on a Blog. In this first post I will explain the reason behind the choice of name for this new and hopefully stimulating site.
Why "jingle mail" you might be wondering? Because it is a sound image of the current crisis. In some places - remarkably the US - when someone has a mortgage and finds himself unable to pay, he can incur what is called strategic default. This is colloquially known as jingle mail. It works in the following manner: the debtor stops making payments, puts his home keys into an envelope and mails them to the bank. The kling-kling sound of the keys inside the envelope evokes a jingle, yet its sonority, far from jolly, sounds rather tragic for the debtor.
So this kling-kling noise might be one of the soundtracks of the current time. Not everywhere as in most European countries debtors are not offered this possibility by the banks, and have to keep paying even after losing their houses. But still, I would like to start my experience as a blogger with the sour kling-kling sonance of a jingle mail.

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