dissabte, 22 d’octubre de 2011

Guns and phones

Watching the news, I saw that Libya’s victorious rebels have killed colonel Gaddafi. Thanks to technology everybody have witnessed the last minutes of the dictator, given that most of the “freedom fighters” were armed not only with submachine guns but also with modern cell phones. Yet their cameras have captured a badly wounded Gaddafi, half naked and covered in blood.
The next image on the news was the colonel’s body, lying on the floor in the cold store of a slaughterhouse. Where beef and lamb meat peaces used to hang there is now a dead dictator.
But what impressed me the most were the comments of the journalist. He explained that the “freedom heroes” are considering the possibility of burying the corpse very soon as its stink is becoming increasingly unbearable. But why is it smelling that much if it is in a cold store? Because the door is always open.
Everybody wants to see the dead enemy. Some even take pictures with their foot on Gaddafi’s head. The images show entire families visiting the slaughterhouse, which has almost became a tourist attraction. Smiling kids come out from the room. I can imagine a father saying to his son: Come on, dress up! This afternoon we are going to see a dead dictator!
Again, cell phones and submachine guns everywhere. While proud soldiers shoot in the air kids take photos of the defeated villain. This is certainly a historic moment for Libya. However, I am not sure if this bloodbath is a good start for a new and democratic regime. What I am sure of is that the combination of guns and cell phones will provide us with a great array of unforgettable moments in the future.

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